Transaction financing

Concorde MB Partners is active in arranging structured financing for growing and distressed companies and entrepreneurs who want to obtain cash from their business without giving up control. Our financing transactions typically fall into one of the below categories:


Growth capital is money raised from private equity groups or family offices to accelerate growth for reaching market dominance or achieve an earlier exit. It is rare in pure form: usually it is accompanied by a share purchase or recapitalization (see below), as owners do not like to let go of even partial control without a payday.


We help buyer clients raise senior, mezzanine or private equity financing for a strategic acquisition. When working for the seller, we sometimes help arrange transaction financing for the buyer, or arrange financing for an inside- or incoming management team that has little experience in dealing with bankers and investors.


Dividend recapitalization happens when the company owner pays himself a dividend funded by a bank loan or minority equity investment into the company. Dividend recaps typically will not exceed 20-40% of the value of the company as financiers of the recap want to ensure the founder remains with the company and helps them recover their capital.


Distressed companies might survive by renegotiating their debts with lenders and creditors within or outside a bankruptcy procedure. Banks do not write off loans easily and it takes an experienced banker to convince and motivate them to do so. We help company owners rescue their business by restructuring bank debt and raising fresh equity financing. Past experiences has proved that it is better to start small again than go out of business and lose the reputation built over a lifetime.