Sell-side advisory

Concorde MB Partners has a long track-record of company divestment (sell-side advisory) transactions in several industries. We rely on our professional team and our far-reaching international networks to provide high value-added services to our clients and carry out successful transactions. The range of services we offer significantly goes beyond the job of a simple agent between the seller and its buyers: we support our clients throughout the whole company divestment process from the emergence of the idea until the closing of the deal.

On the sell-side, we advise the following client groups:

  • Owners of family businesses who face succession issues and would like to cash out or wish to strengthen their companies by allowing professional investors to buy in.
  • Local or international corporate groups looking to divest non-core businesses or activities.
  • Managements seeking to become owners through a buy-out or buy-in using external financing.
  • Private equity and venture capital firms seeking to make their portfolio companies more valuable of trying to exit them.

Selling a company is very similar to marketing and selling a product or a service. As a product or service, the company also has to be prepared for the sale process and the documentation of the transaction has to be drafted. Buyers with the best fit have to be identified in large numbers to increase competition for the company and thereby ensure that the highest price is achieved; the structure of the transaction has to be considered; and timing has to be thought through.

A company sale process consists of various phases and takes from several months to a year or even longer. Given the length of the process, we usually recommend to our clients that they contact us as early as possible, ideally months before the intended start of the sale process. Having sufficient time prior to the transaction helps us optimize commercial, legal and financial conditions.

Often sellers contact us when a potential buyer has already approached them. Even in such cases specialist advisors like us are needed to model the future cash flows of the business, value the company and its potential synergies with the buyer, lead negotiations, manage the data room and asses and approach alternative candidates.

Concorde MB Partners is ready to manage the entire process from the initial valuation through the preparation of marketing documents to final negotiations and closing. We work closely with our international colleagues from our networks around the world and with the seller’s legal, tax and other advisors to achieve the best results.