Negotiations and contracting phase

During a company sale process, Concorde MB Partners is responsible for contacting and co-ordinating all communications with potential buyers. Through this, we ensure that the sale process is efficient and the contact with potential buyers is maintained.

Once the seller decides which potential buyers to engage, Concorde MB Partners contacts buyers to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that they may receive the information memorandum.

  • Subsequently, we begin discussions with all potential buyers. We discuss their strategic perspective and find out how the investment into the target company fits into those. We also seek their proposal on an indicative valuation for the company. We also organize introductory meetings between the owners of the company and buyer candidates.
  • Based on potential buyers’ indicative offers and their interest shown in the company, we analyze the candidates and propose the most eligible potential buyers to the sellers for further negotiation.
  • Once a letter of intent has been agreed between the two sides, we organize business, accounting and legal due diligence reviews in collaboration with the company accountant and attorney. At this stage, the potential buyer gains access to company information to verify the correctness of previously distributed and communicated information.
  • The final negotiations and closing are carried out in collaboration with advisers on both sides.

Concorde MB Partners’ experience and thoroughness in the sale process ensure the selection of the most fitting potential buyers and a smooth negotiation process. In the negotiations we aim to find an optimal end-result for our client by taking into consideration the price, the transaction structure, the set of representations and warranties and various other conditions.