Analysis and preparation phase

An in-depth knowledge of the company and the industry allows Concorde MB Partners to successfully advise our clients at every step of the transaction process. We prepare ourselves based on the know-how of Concorde MB Partners and on some exclusive, pay databases to conduct successful negotiations with the potential buyers and their advisers.

In preparing for a typical transaction, Concorde MB Partners takes the following steps:

  • Identify owners’ success criteria and preferences in the sale process.
  • Analyze the company and its industry based on (i) interviews with the owners, (ii) industry reports, (iii) databases, (iv) newspaper articles, and the (v) financial statements of competitors and listed international companies.
  • Prepare an indicative valuation of the company applying various valuation methods such as: (i) relative benchmarking with comparable regional and, where applicable, global transactions (ii) relative benchmarking with comparable listed companies and (iii) discounted cash flow model.
  • Advise owners on how best to “dress up” their companies to improve its valuation and attractiveness towards prospective buyers.
  • Identify and analyze value drivers and articulate an “investment story” before commencing the sales process.
  • Search for and identify potential buyers based on an assessment of the company’s value chain and an analysis of extractable synergies with different players. This research is conducted for Europe and the US and is supported by our various networks’ global research coverage, contacts and market know-how.
  • Analyze private equity groups on their investment criteria and possible synergies with their portfolio companies.
  • Assess and prioritize potential buyer candidates in cooperation with the client based on the (i) strategic fit between buyer and seller, (ii) synergy effects between buyer and seller, (iii) potential buyers’ previous acquisitions and (iv) their financial strength.
  • Prepare an in-depth information memorandum which outlines the company’s growth potential and creates a precise and attractive picture of the company.
  • Select the most suitable offering method before putting the company on offer by considering the number of buyers to be invited and their profiles.

After the initial phase, Concorde MB Partners helps sellers decide the most suitable timing of the sale process. This may depend on external market conditions and the saleability of the company as these conditions could significantly affect company value.