Company Valuation

The need for a market-based valuation of a company or its assets may arise when owners decide to sell some or all of their shares, in the case of management buy-outs and buy-ins, legal disputes or capital increases.

Over the years, Concorde MB Partners’ colleagues have completed more than 200 company valuations for clients selling their companies, raising capital, executing buy-outs and contemplating equity transactions. In some cases our valuations supported a private equity earn-out or tax planning structures and we have advised in litigations against parties that were alleged to have harmed our clients and thereby destroying goodwill.

We carry out company valuations according to the standards of international investment banks, based on discounted cash flows, comparable multiples of publicly traded entities or past transactions (fair value, asset value, collateral value, economic value added, brand value, etc.).

Concorde MB Partners’ publication, the Firm Value regularly discusses the critical factors that influence the value of a company. Further, our colleagues are also happy to discuss and provide assistance in connection with company valuation matters.