Capital market transactions

We execute public capital market and private equity market transactions for our clients with the involvement of domestic and international institutional and private investors. In the 1990s, we participated in almost all listings on the Budapest Stock Exchange such as those transactions involving MOL, TVK, Borsodchem and Magyar Telekom.

Even though the number of offerings on the Budapest Stock Exchange decreased from the late 1990s once the privatization wave subsided, Concorde MB Partners still remained one of the most active players on the Hungarian capital markets, together with its strategic partner Concorde Securities. We executed several acquisitions on the stock exchange, we were the lead in two of last year’s successful mid-sized capital market transactions (the IPO of FHB Bank and Állami Nyomda), and recently we participated in the public offering involving Danubius Hotels.

An IPO and a public offering of a company require major changes in the operations of the company and in the owners’ approach towards his company. All these necessitate significant preparations. Owners need to initiate connections with stock market investors who will become their future co-owners, run their companies in a transparent manner and inform investors in a timely way. In order for the transaction to be successful, the owner needs to establish an attractive investment story that convinces future investors of the need for new capital. The right transaction structure needs to be found, the right timing has to be identified, and the right circle of potentially interested investors needs to be identified in order to create the right investor structure and reach the right valuation.