November 2015

Milpress Kft. is a professional complex („mailer”) service provider on behalf of partners that work with high-volume, regular email sendings in large quantities and invoice generators. Starting from 1-2 thousand up to sizes of a million, the Company is able to produce high-quality paper-based products for mailing, printing and wrapping (checks, letters and bulk business mailing etc).

Milpress Kft came to a strategic agreement with Magyar Posta Zrt as well as the EPDB Nyomtatási Központ Zrt, and partially sold its assets.

Under the agreement, part of the know-how as well as the specialist resources will be affiliated to the resources of the postal cooperating partners, while result-wise their activity will be taken over by Magyar Posta Zrt. (EPDB Zrt.) and Hibridlevél Kft.

Concorde MB Parters advised the owners of Milpress Kft in this transaction.