Our M&A partnerships

Concorde MB Partners is an exclusive member of IMAP, one of the largest and most respected M&A networks worldwide. The network can count on members from more than 40 countries and has more than 50 independent members. In recent years, it was characterized by an increasing level of industry specialization. Over the years, both Concorde Corporate Finance and MB Partners brought several experts to our clients from these organizations.

Through its owner, Concorde MB Partners is also part of the Wells Fargo network and provides support to Oriens as the exclusive Hungarian representative of Wells Fargo’s investment banking arm. Through this relationship, we are also members of the network of independent boutiques that work together with Wells Fargo’s investment bank on all other markets.


Delivering Success for More Than 35 years

Formed in 1973, IMAP is the world’s longest established M&A organization. From humble beginnings it has become one of the world’s largest and most well-respected providers of M&A advisory services for the middle market. During more than three decades of service, IMAP colleagues have worked together to complete thousands of transactions while maximizing the success of our clients’ M&A projects. IMAP began as a group of practitioners dedicated to each other through cooperative actions and volunteer efforts. The company evolved to a more integrated operation through systematic business practices that support the ability to serve the IMAP client. Today, IMAP operates as a global operation with all the advantages of a full-time professional staff and a team of committed global transaction advisors.

Transaction rankings

According to ThomsonReuters, IMAP was ranked no. 3 in the world by number of M&A  transactions completed, No 3. in Europe and No. 1 in Central Europe.

Worldwide Scope, Global Reach


IMAP offers an exceptional combination of global breadth and local depth to the client transaction.

IMAP is located in more than 35 countries throughout North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia. These firms share common values and principles, reinforced by rigorous standards and qualifications to ensure unmatched service, quality and unequaled results.

IMAP is represented by Mr. Jurgis V. Oniunas as the Chairman of the network, who is at the same time Managing Partner of the IMAP member in Croatia (Ascendant Capital Advisors). The firm has operations in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. Mr. Oniunas has more than three decades of experience identifying and developing emerging business opportunities throughout Central and Eastern Europe with U.S. and U.K. companies.

Industry Groups

Each IMAP advisor is encouraged to parlay his or her specific experience into a specialized practice that focuses on one of 12 standard industry categories. The combination of specialized knowledge and extended global reach ensures full sector coverage and better advice for each and every IMAP client.

Please select an industry below.

lakossagi-termekek-69x70Consumer Products and Services
Personal and professional services and other products sold to the household.

Capital intensive, manufacturing, automotive and other durable business operations.

Consumer Staplesconsumerstap_1_600BF28407736 (2)
Basic products for the household: food, textiles, and personal products.


Chemicals, mining, paper, packaging and other types of basic inputs.


Energy and Power
Gas, oil, nuclear and alternative energy producers and distributors and other utilities.

Media and Entertainmentmedia_1_0BBB610178160
Gaming, film, television, print, marketing and other types of media companies.

Banks, brokerages, asset managers and other providers of financial products.

Real Estaterealestate_1_780E88FAD4749
REITs, property management, commercial development and homebuilding operators.


Pharma, healthcare providers, equipment providers and associated healthcare operators.


Commercial, consumer, mass merchant, on-line and other forms of selling to business and consumers.

High Technologyhightech_1_E7D8070124969
Information technology, Internet commerce and businesses based on IT platforms.

Communciations industry which includes, telephone, Internet and wireless operators.

General Inquiries

If you have a question about IMAP or desire other assistance, please contact us for more information. Please find below our contact details. We will respond promtly to your inquiry.

You may also contact the IMAP Executive office at the address provided below. To contact a specific advisor personally, please utilize our advisor search.

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