About Firm Value (Cégérték)

Concorde MB Partners has published Firm Value, a bi-monthly Hungarian periodical for more than 10 years. Our readers are current and future company owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs from Hungary. Firm Value offers readers access to the advice of leading M&A practitioners who as financial, legal, tax, or accounting advisors are involved in selling and acquiring companies or financing such transactions on a daily basis.

Authors and contributors:

  • Gábor Szendrői, Managing Partner of Concorde MB Partners, editor-in-chief of Firm Value.
  • Pál Jalszovszky, Partner at Jalszovszky Ügyvédi Iroda in Budapest, expert in advising on mergers and acquisitions and tax planning related issues.
  • Zoltán Gerendy and Gábor Kertész, partners with BDO, one of the leading accounting firms in Hungary
  • Zoltán Ember, graphic designer responsible for the design and layout of our publication.
  • And the colleagues of Concorde MB Partners


Our goal with Firm Value is to publish a specialized magazine that helps our readers make their company more valuable, teaches them how they could access financing, how to grow through acquisitions and how to convert the product of our readers’ decades-long mental and physical endeavors into wealth. It is our mission to provide support to Hungarian company owners in making their companies more mobile and expand regionally and throughout Europe. We would like to motivate the upcoming generation of young company owners with the prospect (and know-how) of exiting and cashing in as well as tapping further resources for growth. We wish to equip our readers for the often unavoidable hardship of the incubation years and support their path to wealth accumulation.


Firm Value is authored by experts, written in a frank and accessible style. Our goal is to de-mystify our profession and make it consumable for our readers whom we hope to greet as current, past or future clients, a good acquaintance, investor, or financing partner.

For the archived issues of Firm Value we wish you a pleasant exploration, many hours of good reading and a rising Firm Value!

Warm regards

Gábor Szendrői