On May 30th 2018, LDC, a French poultry processing multinational company, announced it has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire a 70% stake in Tranzit-Ker and Tranzit-Food, owned by the Szabó family. The acquisition of a majority stake in the Tranzit Group marks another milestone in LDC Group’s international expansion.

The Tranzit Group, which mainly deals with goose and duck processing, is one of the most important Hungarian poultry breeding and processing companies. The Group’s consolidated sales reached EUR 108 million in 2017, resulting in a EUR 20 million EBITDA. Tranzit Group’s acquisition of a processing plant and a hatchery in 2010, and a chicken farm in 2017 helped the Group continue its growth.

LDC is the largest French poultry processing company with nearly EUR 4 billion in revenue in 2017 (the Company’s financial year ended on February 28, 2018). In recent years the Company has carried out several acquisitions in Europe and in 2017 alone they have been involved in three transactions. In 2017 the LDC Group has generated EUR 274 million in sales from exports, and CMBP expects this number to rise significantly as a result of their acquisition of the Tranzit Group.

Concorde MB Partners was the exclusive transaction advisor to LDC throughout the acquisition process. Excluding previous capital market transactions, this was CMBP’s largest private transaction.