Philisophy – Mission

Transaction focus

In contrast with our competitors (accountants and bankers) who also offer corporate finance-related services, Concorde MB Partners focuses on selling and buying companies, on doing capital market transactions, management buyouts and buy-ins, and on raising funds for growth capital and related strategy-making and company valuations.

Result orientation

Our goal is to generate the largest possible value added for our clients and – through them – for ourselves. Thus, 90% of our compensation depends on the successful completion of the transactions we undertake. We are selective: we only accept mandates where success is highly likely and we expect compensation linked to our results.

Entrepreneur mindset

Colleagues have a significant ownership stake in Concorde MB Partners. In contrast with our multinational competitors, where employees focus only on the next promotion and annual bonuses, we are interested in both profits and equity accumulation. Our livelihood and success depend on maintaining and advancing Concorde MB Partners’ reputation.

Focus on Hungarian entrepreneurs

The Hungarian business owner to some extent differs from his Czech or Polish counterparts and he is also significantly different when compared to German or French business owners. He has a different cultural background and he has to operate under different business rules. Hence, his closest advisor is someone who is aware of and experienced about these special circumstances. Concorde MB Partners’ colleagues aspire to build long-lasting and close relationships with Hungarian business owners in order to learn as much as possible about their goals, regardless of what their companies’ size is or what industry their companies are operating in. An important channel through which Concorde MB Partners’ colleagues build these close relationships is our periodical called Firm Value. We have published Firm Value for over 10 years now and it has become a unique platform for discussing corporate financial and transaction-related issues with Hungarian business owners.

Strong international cooperation

Temporarily, Concorde MB Partners is an exclusive member of the world’s two oldest, largest and most prestigious mid-market M&A organizations, IMAP and M&A International.

Relying on IMAP’s and M&A International’s network, we can locate potential investors for our clients with an EBITDA above EUR 1 million in 40 countries across the globe. We also work together with our colleagues in these partner networks on cross border M&A transactions. We have a well-defined framework of cooperation with our partner networks built on mutual advantages.

Besides the memberships in IMAP and M&A International, Concorde MB Partners, through one of its owners, Oriens, is the exclusive Hungarian leg of Wells Fargo’s international investment banking network. Through this relationship, Concorde MB Partners is able to tap the North American market for finding potential investors interested in Hungary


 “Concorde MB Partners provides entrepreneurs, private equity funds and multinational companies with merger and acquisition, capital raising and corporate finance advisory services in Hungary. In order to provide the best service to our Clients, we mobilize our local contacts, our networks’ regional and global organizations, Wells Fargo and its independent advisory network as well as our experience.

We offer divestment, capital raise, acquisition and – together with our partner, Concorde Securities – capital market transactional services at international standards to our private, public, and multinational clients. We achieve this by relying on our international networks and by bringing innovative solutions to complex situations.

Our missions is that as the Firm responsible for covering Hungary in our networks, we maintain our leading position as the most successful independent M&A advisory boutique. We offer premium services to owners of mid-sized and larger companies striving for outstanding results and we initiate transactions in industries waiting for such transactions. We aspire to become out Clients’ long-term strategic partner.”

Kálmán Nagy and
Gábor Szendrői
Managing Partners