About us

Concorde MB Partners was established on October 1st, 2015 as a result of a merger between Concorde Corporate Finance and MB Partners. The Firm is an independent, Hungarian-owned transaction advisor which provides internationally competitive service quality to its clients and its team members have accumulated several decades of transactional experience.

The merger of Concorde Corporate Finance and MB Partners shows the complete change of the Hungarian M&A market since the early 2000s. The two firms were present in very distinct market segments: Concorde Corporate Finance was involved in the largest capital market and private transactions and MB Partners covered the transactions of the SME sector. By now, transactions involving larger Hungarian companies rarely exceed the tens of millions of euros in transaction size, and the larger Hungarian private companies are no longer worth millions of euros but more tens of millions.

This is because the Hungarian, like the Czech and Polish economy integrates into and mimics the German economy. It is the specificity of the German economy that – in contrast with the Japanese or French or the US economy – the key to its competitiveness aren’t a couple of larger companies; the German economy is rather based on the Mittelstand, those locally owned mid-sized companies scattered around the countryside. Thus, similarly to Germany, investment banks focusing solely on larger deals don’t find a sustainable business model; instead, mid-sized company focused boutique advisers dominate the market. The birth of Concorde MB Partners is a manifestation of this trend.

The Concorde Corporate Finance and MB Partners merger combines two teams with distinct but complementary experiences and skills who are together in an excellent position to take advantage of Hungary’s transforming M&A market. The structure of the Hungarian corporate sector is becoming increasingly similar to that of Germany. That is, unlike Japan, France or the US where the private sector is dominated by big corporations, the Hungarian corporate world is experiencing the rise of the Mittelstand, the world of locally owned, mid-sized companies. In such a business environment investor banks’ focus on large deals only is not a sustainable business model. Since Concorde Corporate Finance has experience with the largest capital market and private transactions and MB Partners covered the transactions of the SME sector, the two of them together have the know-how for servicing the rising Mittelstand segment.


 “Concorde MB Partners provides entrepreneurs, private equity funds and multinational companies with merger and acquisition, capital raising and corporate finance advisory services in Hungary. In order to provide the best service to our Clients, we mobilize our local contacts, our networks’ regional and global organizations, Wells Fargo and its independent advisory network as well as our experience.

We offer divestment, capital raise, acquisition and – together with our partner, Concorde Securities – capital market transactional services at international standards to our private, public, and multinational clients. We achieve this by relying on our international networks and by bringing innovative solutions to complex situations.

Our missions is that as the Firm responsible for covering Hungary in our networks, we maintain our leading position as the most successful independent M&A advisory boutique. We offer premium services to owners of mid-sized and larger companies striving for outstanding results and we initiate transactions in industries waiting for such transactions. We aspire to become out Clients’ long-term strategic partner.”

Kálmán Nagy and
Gábor Szendrői
Managing Partners